Chamber washers

Chamber washing machines from KMN series are high performance, economic and compact devices, designed to clean oil, emulsions and chips off the surface of production parts.


Can clean wide range of parts – from tiniest bolts and washers to engine blocks, virtually without retooling.


All operations (washing, rinsing, drying) are conducted in closed system without any fume extraction.


Equipped with fine filters without replaceable cartridges, effective oil removal and vapor condensation increases washing water lifetime


Closed loop drying (hot air blow and/or vacuum) significantly reduces energy consumption, tanks and working chamber walls are insulated, and as an option machine can be equipped with closed loop heating driven with heat pump for maxiumum savings


Polish product tested at work around the globe, from Europe, thru Asia to North America. Easy to use and maintenance


Easily fit into existing or evolving production lines.

Washing quality

Horizontal rotation axis allows fine washing and drying of parts with complex shape

Standard models comparison

On client request we can build chamber machine of any basket size and configuration

KMN 100

Machine dimensions (mm):


Basket size (mm):


KMN 300

Machine dimensions (mm):


Basket size (mm):


KMN 800

Machine dimensions (mm):


Basket size (mm):



KMPN 300 industrial chamber washer with hot air drying. Universal washer for baskets, pallets, boxes. KMN 300. KMPN 450. KMN 450.

Sample part at chamber entrance.

RM 950. Spray washer with rotary table. Industrial spray washing machine. RM 950, RMP 950, RMPO 950 1200 1500.

Basic washing machine RM with vertical rotation axis for simple shaped parts.

KMPN 150 industrial chamber washer with vacuum drying and hot air drying. Universal basket washer for baskets, boxes, pallets. KMN 150. KMPN 200. KMN 200.

Working chamber.

KMPN 100 chamber part washer with vacuum drying, hot air drying. Universal basket washer. Boxes, pallets. KMN 100 Start. KMPN 100S. KMPN 100Z.

KMPN 100 is chamber washing machine with standard basket size (630x450x300mm), freely configurable.

KMPN 800 chamber washing machine for big baskets, pallets, gitterboxes with automatic loading. KMPN 600. KMPN 900. KMPN 1000. KMPN 1200.

KMPN 600 is example of chamber washing machine with larger working chamber (available at any requested size). Bigger working space allows higher efficiency or washing larger parts. All other options are freely configurable just like with other KMN series machines.


Possibility to clean any parts that fits into the working space.

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