DW distillers are innovative devices designed to regenerate industrial fluids continuously with unusually high performance and efficiency.


Distiller works on it’s own without any supervising


DW distillers recycle water from wide range of industrial sewage


Reduces industrial sewage production, recovered distillate is suitable for reusage in technological processes

DW 80 Fan distiller for industrial wastes. Industrial distillation. Vacuum distiller.


Low purchase and operating costs.

Energy saving

Innovative, patented construction ensures very low energy consumption

Reliable and compact

Tested thoroughly in Polish industry, yet compact in size

Industrial fluids recover: coolants, lubricants, process fluids

Continuous recover of water solvable rinsing fluids in washing devices

Unique, innovative construction and heat recirculation provide unusually high energy efficiency

Energy cost used to distill 1sqm of fluid is just around 4€

Universal construction designed to distill aqueous sewage into: industrial water (to reuse or safely drain), oils and alcohols (fluids less dense then water, suit to reuse), acids and alkalis (fluids more dense then water, suit to reuse) and waste for utilization

Very low water content in waste – below 5%

Lowest energy consumption

Low operating costs – no materials, chemicals etc. required

Highly reliable and efficient – up to 80l/h

Easily programmable and handling

EKO-PIL DW80 distiller technical data

Efficiency: 80 l/h

Distilled water conductivity: 5-100 µS/cm

Water content in waste: 1-5 %

Heating time: 2,5 h

Energy consumption: 35 kWh/m3

Power installed: 4,5 kW

Ready-made solution for your sewage problems and high efficiency

Distiller can lower amount of sewage for utilization up to 50 times by separating waste from water. Compact in size, reaches efficiency of 80l/h. On top of that it works unattended.

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