OGP gravitation oil separators

Floating on water gravitation oil separators by EKO-PIL are modular devices collecting oils and other hydrocarbon fluids from water surface. OGP oil separators are unique in their high efficiency and effectivness. Simple construction ensures long, reliable work with minimum exploitation costs and affordable purchase costs.


once put in tank, oil separator automatically adjusts to changing water level in the tank. Maintenance is reduced to collecting separated oil from oil tank and periodic cleaning of float.


the smallest OGP 1 oil separator collects up to 30 liters of oil per hour, while bigger units (OGP-3, OGP-4) even more than 100 liters per hour. The more oil there is - the bigger efficiency.

Small footprint

allows easy installation, float has a size of A4 piece of paper.

OGP oil separator float. Floating gravitation oil separator OGP 1, OGP 1e, OGP-1p, OGP-2, OGP 3, OGP 4.


using OGP oil separator improves lifecycle of technological fluids, decreasing water consumption. Collected oil has low water percentage and often can be re-used in the process.


oil separators are affordable to buy and cheap to use. OGP oil separators do not contain any wearing parts.


OGP oil separators can be used in various types of machinery: industrial washing machines, painting lines, electroplating. Tanks can be small and big, even open technological tanks. Thanks to modular contruction, various adaptations are possible, including collecting oil from very small surfaces and installation on trolleys.


Oil floating on the tank surface is effectively collected to naked-eye cleanliness.


OGP oil separator float. Floating gravitation oil separator OGP 1, OGP 1e, OGP-1p, OGP-2.

OGP 1p oil separator installed in tunnel washer tank.

OGP 3 oil separator float. Floating gravitation oil separator OGP 3, OGP 4.

In bigger tanks, including open tanks, it is recommended to use OGP 3 and OGP 4 series oil separators, which can collect up to 100 liters of oil every hour. Thanks to modular construction, sets of floats can be connected for highest efficiency of oil separation.

OGSM Mobile oil separator mounted on a trolley, small tank build.

Example of mobile oil separator mounted on a trolley. Picture shows build for tanks with small man-holes. Even smaller versions are available to order.

Long lasting.

OGP oil separators are built from stainless steel and do not contain any wearing elements.

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